Sunday, July 26, 2009

saturday around bandung

it's been a month since my birthday saya ga update blog. but now, i'm gonna tell you guys what i've done yesterday with Merwyn. huuuaaaa, we had a very great saturday. and this is the story begin ..........

first, we went to alun-alun. Merwyn wanted to capture the mosque.

we went up to the tower and looked the view of Bandung from top. unfortunately, when we were at the top, we couldn't take the view directly. there were a lot of windows and we couldn't open it.

and i did a silly thing. fishing in the mini pool. merwyn didn't want to do that, so he just took picture of me. ahahaha.

after fishing thing, hehee. merwyn and i took a walk to Braga sSreet. oh, merwyn brought a very cute camera. really. me want it sooooo much. its name is Trico. hihiihii. at first, the camera couldn't work but i wanted that thing so much. so, we went to CK and bought batteries for camera. it didn't work. so, we continued walk and went to Morce Street to check the camera. after few minutes there, yeeeaaaaaahhhhh ! it works baby ! hahahaa. i was soooo happy. a lot. hihiihi.

from Morce Street, we took a walk to our junior high school, SMPN 2 Bandung. there were a lot of students in the hall. they were preparing something for OSIS things.

from our junior high, we went to sushi boon. we were very hungry at the time. and, aaaahhhh.. merwyn ordered sushi tooooooo muuuuuccccchhhh. hahahaa.

then, we continued our journey to Galleri Kita. because we saw a pamflet that there is a tribute to Michael Jackson. hahahahhaaa. merwyn wanted to learn moon walk, perhaps.

actually, it's prohibited to take any picture at the exhibition. but, there were only merwyn and I at that place, so i took a picture. ahahahahhaa.

but, you know what ? we did nothing at the exhibition. kita cuma duduk-duduk di kursi. sama sekali ga menikmati lukisan. saya malah nyalain radio yang berisi 3 CD didalamnya dan kita nyanyi-nyanyi. hahahaa. konyoooooooooool ! ;p

abis itu, kita jalan ke arah papirus foto. Merwyn nyari film buat kameranya yang saya incer itu. soalnya filmnya abis pas kita foto-foto di sushi boon. tapi waktu nyampe papirus, filmnya ga ada. oh, sebelumnya kita ke fujifilm dulu nyari filmnya, tapi ga ada juga. lalu, kita jalan ke arah supratman buat nunggu bus damri. hhmm, lumayan lama juga sampai akhirnya kita dapet damri DU-jatinangor yang AC. yay ! hehee. kita ke DU mau beli film dan saya sekalian scan roll film BW sama film yang ada di kamera Merwyn sebelumnya. nyampe DU udah maghrib, beres di Yohan Foto, kita salat Maghrib dulu di masjid UNPAD DU. tadinya Merwyn mau ke PVj karna sodaranya maen band disana. tapi ga jadi, dia ngajak nonton Harry Potter yang kebetulan saya juga belum nonton. kita mutusin buat nonton di BSM, tapi ternyataaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... ga ada jam yang pas. nonton pun bataaaaaaal tal tal. ah shit ! then Merwyn decided to take me home. but i got another idea, we went to Pasar Malam. hihaihaihaiaaa. kita ke pasar malam, disana cuma sekita 20 menit, karna udah malem juga.

my favorite picture. LOL

then, Merwyn took me home and he stayed for couple hours at my home while he was waiting his family to picked him up. he off from my home around 11 pm. hahahahaa. dasar tamu gatau malu... ampe malem ! hehehee. kidding ;p

yeah, it was my saturday. i was so excited and happy :D