Sunday, February 01, 2009


10 things i do love and like in this world:

1. my family.
i have a really great family, from my father, my mother, to my big and little brother, they are lovely. yeah, even sometimes they turn into weird people who act over. hehhee. i do love them.

2. my best friends.
whatever they call, trully, it isn't a groupies.they do understand me. i do love them.

3. my camera
this is the damn thing that i've been waiting for so long. i do love my nikon D60 and my old-camera-pocket. more companies? i wish.

4. cheese cake
speechless. you better try it by yourself. i do like cheese cake.

5. iced chocolate in
argh, damn! this is my favorite. i do like iced chocolate in

6. mr.moo burger
hahhaa. junk food oh junk food. fat! i do like mr.moo burger.

7. astroboy
he is my favorite cartoon character. a little unsweet memory in the past. yeah, overtime. i do love astroboy.

8. my laptop
day and night, he never ask me to turn him off. hahaha. my works, assignments, music, bullshit, laugh, cry, etc. i do love my laptop.

9. my handphone
hahhahaa. man, you're the man! i do love my handphone.

10. my bedroom.
i rarely sleep in my bedroom, but it still be my favorite place to do whatever i want. yeah, my green bedroom. i do love my bedroom.