Wednesday, October 20, 2010

dear: Mohammad Shadian Merwyn

"mohammad merwyn: yahhh
mohammad merwyn: hhehehe
mohammad merwyn: aduh
mohammad merwyn: 21 yah?
mohammad merwyn: ah"

hi bear, happy birthday to you. how does it feel? yep, being twenty-something?
well, it's your turn now. do you have any wishes to come?
come on. let God knows what do you want.
ok, you may start..
finish? ok, amin..
to be honest, (and as you know) i'm not quite good in speaking or saying my thought.
i just feel that your birthday is my birthday too.
see.. i can't make a beautiful words for you. pardon moi :p

but still.. i wish i can be with you. as long as i can,
to celebrate your birthday.. to see you grow up.. to make you smile.. and to love and care you forever..

HBDboyf.jpg picture by fathiapradina
i wish you a very happy birthday, hei you! my object of affection. love you more each day :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pasar Seni ITB

everybody were busy about today just because the date is cute. is it? oh i think it's so-so, hehee *annoying* 10-10-10, ok, you got people's attention. people getting married, giving a birth, engaged, being in a relationship, what else? oh this one also, Pasar Seni ITB. the annual, uh no. this event is held every 4 or 5 years. but i must say that the event is totally great and.. SICK! the decoration, properties, stands, especially the concept! those FSRD students are too much creative i guess. great! can't wait for the next 4 years. and i chose to spent my afternoon to evening sunday with my boyf and met some friends, here.

talking about Pasar Seni ITB, i didn't bring my camera. i asked my mom to bring her digital pocket camera with me because i'm too lazy to bring my camera. hehehe :p
and i didn't take a lot of pictures there. but, i can share you some. please..

2.jpg picture by fathiapradina
1.jpg picture by fathiapradina
4-1.jpg picture by fathiapradina
10.jpg picture by fathiapradina

great sculpture. one of stages in the front of the gate. great decoration around the street, so sorry no picture added. a very nice welcoming part, i think.

6.jpg picture by fathiapradina
5.jpg picture by fathiapradina
7.jpg picture by fathiapradina
8.jpg picture by fathiapradina
9.jpg picture by fathiapradina

zillions people. amazing creations. about 3 stages inside if i'm not mistaken. nice foods. my boyf and i fave food? Mie Jelly. hahaha. what can i say? my legs are tired. i kept walking around ITB. oh there was Pinhole Camera Bandung booth also *drooling*. kinda tired, sat down and decided to go home at 6. you know what? the traffic was sick also. not only vehicle, even people also can't move. what a party today! thank you so much for accompanying me today you sour! happy amble! ooppssss! :p

Monday, October 04, 2010

i currently reading these books because of my preparation for my final exam. wish i have a very superb luck to pass this term now. graduate soon. amin.

cats1.jpg picture by fathiapradina

cats.jpg picture by fathiapradina

and looking for this book

haven't got any idea where i can find it. none ebook or even pdf download are available. you got any info? please kindly tell me :)

Sunday, October 03, 2010


i want my pedestrian timeeeeeeeee. especially on the night, and.. with you! hehehee. let's take a walk again bear, shall we? :)

and i kinda miss my yashica, too much!
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once, i watched my twitter timeline. about 230-something friends that i follow one of them said like this "words never lie, heart does" well, what does my friend imply? (just like question in TOEFL test, eh?) hahahaa. well, when we see something (than we call it as an object) with our own eyes, brain starts working. searching the suitable word(s) to describe it. then, if we realize that the word(s) is(are)not same with what we want our heart will begin to deny it. pathetic yet stupid. whereas, that's the truth. because what we see is what we get.

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What We See Is What We Get